IIFA Awards 2019 – Bollywood Stars

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IIFA Awards 2019 Full Show

Do You Know That…

There are 7 Bollywood stars who didn’t complete their education?

1) Salman Khan

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2) Kareena Kapoor

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3) Deepika Padukone

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4) Katrina Kaif

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5) Akshay Kumar

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6) Alia Bhatt

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7) Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

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Do You Know That…

Only in India You Can See Or You Can Find The Following 20 Strange Things?

1. The third sex, the Hijras
2. A pilgrimage of 130 million people
3. The first plastic surgery book
4. Bull surfing
5. Unusual post offices
6. Unique endangered animal species
7. The largest consumption of gold per year
8. Bridges made entirely with roots
9. The richest Hindu temple in the world
10. 16 adornments of a married woman
11. 330 million gods
12. A fast for 80 years
13. The tallest statue in the world
14. The color of mourning is not black
15. Magnetic hill of Ladakh
16. The 9 unknown men
17. The largest film industry in the world
18. Tower of Silence
19. Men holding hands in public
20. Wedding rings on the feet Read the complete story at Bright Side

India is incredible. Explore both northern and southern regions.

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