Funny Things That Happen All Day Long 3

Amusing Things

13- Using the bathroom at a friend’s house and peeking at their medicine cabinet

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Strange Funny Things

14- Reading directions on a box of food, throwing it in the trash, then retrieving it because you’ve forgotten everything already

time for coffee - Funny Things
Funny Things

15- Sitting on your bed in a towel for far longer than necessary

time for coffee - Strange Funny Things
Strange Funny Things

16- Overthinking eye contact

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17- Carrying way too much from your car so you can “make it in one trip”

18- Lying to the doctor when they ask about your alcoholic drink consumption

19- Accidentally sending a text to the person you’re talking about

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Funny strange Things

20- Buying 20 T-shirts, but only wearing three of them

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Amusing Strange Funny Things

21- Going to the beach and spending 45 minutes looking for the perfect spot

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22- Coming home from work, realizing the house is empty, and feeling immense relief

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Funny and Amusing Things

23- Buying a week’s worth of fresh vegetables and not eating any of it

strange things
Strange and funny Things

24- Pretending not to be disappointed when you get a birthday card without any cash

time for coffee - Funny Things

25- Stumbling and turning it into a funny dance

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Amusing Things

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