Funny Things that Happen All Day Long 5

Amusing Things – Funny and Strange Things

35- Receiving a reply to your email, but re-reading the email you sent first.

Funny, Amusing, or strange things?

time for coffee - Strange Things
Amusing Things

Amusing Strange and Funny Things

36- Dancing by yourself in your kitchen

time for coffee - Funny

37- Channeling your inner Adele in traffic only to realize another driver is watching

Strange Funny Things
Strange Funny Amusing Things

38- Getting invested in a conversation you were eavesdropping on

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Strange and Amusing Things for Fun

Amusing, Strange and Funny

39- Pretending to be Rocky while jogging

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Funny, Strange and Amusing

40- Carefully inspecting an item at the grocery store because someone is standing in front of the one you actually want

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Funny Things

41- Getting flustered and saying the wrong thing when someone said “bless you”

42- Giving your pet a pump-up talk

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Strange Amusing Funny Things

43- Getting alarmed when you see yourself in your phone’s front-facing camera

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Wow Funny and Amusing Things

44- Throwing change and receipts haphazardly in your wallet to avoid holding
up a line

time for coffee

45- Doing that cozy-in-bed cricket leg rub

time for coffee
Funny Things


time for coffeeTime For Coffee!

We need to smile, we need to enjoy, we need to lough! We need to overcome the daily stress and routine… Here are some amusing things we do….

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