Amusing Things That Happen All Day Long

time for coffee50 Extremely Amusing Things That We All Are, In Secret, Guilty Of Doing…

Now, if we really want to recognize, there are a lot of things and a lot of toughs that we carefully hide from the others and often even from our self.
Fortunately, when and if we look back at certain behavior or certain attitude we had, at some moments, we will get a good lough. Let’s enjoy 50 of such things we do, collected together by BestLife


1- Mumbling the name part during a rendition of “Happy Birthday”

time for coffee

2- Lowering the music on your car stereo so you can see better

3- Seeing an outrageous price on something at a store and pretending you’re still considering it

time for coffee

4- Feeling personally victimized by an inanimate object

time for coffee

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