The Other 7 Wonders!

No, I don’t speak about the New 7 Wonders of the World! We all know them, and anyhow, just as a reminder, I’m going to enumerate them bellow:

New 7 Wonders of the World

Here are the famous new 7 wonders of the world: Taj Mahal – India, Christ The Redeemer – Brazil, Petra – Jordan, The Great Wall – China, The Colosseum – Rome, Italy, Machu Picchu –Peru, Chichen Itza – Mexico

And I don’t know what exactly to say about the Pyramids of Egypt, if they are still one of the wonders of the world or or not, as there are some people who are saying yes, and others don’t even mentioned them!


Anyhow, my subject is not this.

7 Wonders – The Most Valuable Wonders That We’ve Taken Them For Granted!

Have you ever thought about the fact that there are small, usual things in our life that we automatically use and those things can turn to be wonders?  I just realize that there are other wonders, that we all have them, most valuable, but we’ve just taken them for granted.

To see:

We see colors, objects, forms, light and, in a short way, all the creation around us. We never had the time to ask ourselves nor to think about how the life will be without seeing. How the world will “look” like if draped in a complete darkness…

to see

Now, while I’m writing, I can’t even imagine this. I refuse the idea. Meanwhile, I realize how lucky I am and how lucky you are! Isn’t seeing a wonder?

To hear:

We hear the voice of the others, we respond and communicate with others because we hear; we hear music, the sound of the wind, the sea, the birds and everything it makes a sound around. And again the same question appears: what if… But no, I will not even finish it.

to hear

Can you imagine a world of deafness, in which no music, no voice and not any other sound exist? So, hearing is another wonder!

To touch:

We touch everything around. Who can forget the first touch of his mother, or the touch of his love? We touch and catch so many things, all day long, without even realizing. Touching is one of the finest senses that generate lots of beautiful feelings, that make us smile.

to touch

How could we live without feeling the touch of our baby’s skin or without knowing what is the touch of water, or silk, or even the touch of the breeze in the summer? What about all other things that, automatically we catch, feel and touch every day? Touching is another wonder.

To taste:

We taste milk. We taste honey; fish and meat and everything we call it food. We taste sweet, sour, salt and bitter. There is nothing more pleasant than the taste of food; that moment when we feel all flavors and aromas spreading inside our mouth.

to touch

How it will be our life if we can’t taste? There is neither sweet nor salt, everything is equal. No taste at all! I really can’t imagine it. To taste is another wonder.

To smell:

We smell flowers and food. We smell people, animals, nature and almost everything around. We smell perfumes and all the odors that exist in the world. The amazing feeling of smelling beautiful essences cannot be replaced by anything else.

to smell

I know, you are going to say that these are the 5 senses that God give it to us. Yes. And we are taking them for granted! We never have the time or get the chance to deeply comprehend that they are miracles.

There are two other wonders that I have to mention:

To laugh:

We laugh on comic and funny situation, we laugh when we are happy, we laugh because we succeed, we laugh to relive stress. Laughing can be caused by contrary emotional states such as embarrassment, apology, or confusion. As a result nervous laughter or courtesy laugh will appear. What can be more beautiful than the crystalline laugh of a baby?

to laugh

Laughing is part or our life. I can’t picture a world full of stress, anxiety, nerves, and unhappiness. A world of negative feelings. It should be terrible!

To love:

This is one of the most miraculous feelings that we experience in our life. Love is a feeling that goes beyond almost all senses of physicality, science and understanding.

Love refers to a range of strong and positive emotional states, starting from the most sublime virtue and good practice, to the deepest inter-human affection and contentment. Love means forgiveness.

to love

We love each other, we love the beauty of the created nature, we love the light of day, we love the stars in the night, the moon, the flowers, the sun, etc. We love God. We love our families and our relatives, our friends and colleagues, neighbors and people in generally.

And we love our soul mates. This is the true and unconditional love. True love is when you feel connected, attached, and happy with someone. … And when you treat that person with the respect and understanding that he deserves.

Meanwhile unconditional love means that there are no expectations or limitations set, and you are ready to do for the other one whatever it takes to make him happy. Wonderful feeling, that most of us already experienced it. The sweet and sublime power of love!

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How the world will look like without love? A world of violence, full of aggressive people, full of hate and revenge, full of murders and destructive minds?… We are lucky that we know the love; the priceless feeling that ever exist. So, love is a wonder that brings happiness in our life each and every second!

These are the 7 wonders that I was thinking about when I just start to write. My intention was just to remind myself firs and to remind you also. We are so grateful for having them!

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