How To Manifest The Law Of Attraction

 22 Modalities To Improve The Attraction Point

Part 2

There are some techniques and exercises that show and teach us how to apply and manifest the Law Of Attraction and how to meet our desire.

1. Appreciation

manifest the law of attraction

This exercise we use when we want to increase our well being status. It is useful when your spiritual, emotional feelings are situated on the scale from 1 to 5 (see the Spiritual Status Scale here)

Find things that make you happy, focus and concentrate about them, appreciate and be grateful for them and, as a result, your positive feelings will intensify a lot.

2. The Creation’s Magic Box

This works wonderful when you are in a creative mood, and your emotions and feelings are on the scale from 1 to 5

Chose a beautiful box, which pleases your eyes when you look at it, and on the cover of the box write: “Whatever is inside this box, IT IS!” Then you put in your wishes, parts from magazines, articles, picture, objects that are related to your dreams. And each time you add something repeat what is written on the cover of the box. “Whatever is inside this box, IT IS!”

3. Crafts Workshop

You use this method when you want to focus more on a very important event, when you want to have more control your fundamental fields of interest, when you want to practice a positive attraction point till becomes the dominant point of attraction.

Your emotional status should be on the scale from 1 to 5. You need 4 A4 papers and you write at the upper edge of each one: My House, My Body, My Work, and My Relationship. After that write a short list whit the ideas that you desire for each from these headlines. And after, for each idea write the reason why you want that thing. Focus on them as much as possible. Imagine that you already have them. It works!

4. Virtual Reality

You use it when you want to practice the acceptance vibration; for example when you remember a beautiful experience and you want to keep the feeling longer. Or, you have free time and want to spend it in a very nice way. Your emotional status can be on the scale from 1 to 8

What to do? You are the director of your own experience. You just let your imagination free. Imagine the place, the people, the actions, and the entire scenario, in small details. Visualize like it is real, just in front of your eyes, and you will start to feel small vibration and energy that start to attract the images. Your thoughts will go to the universe, and there you will start to manifest miracles.

5. The Game Of Abundance

Open an imaginary bank account in an imaginary bank. Put money in this account and spend the quickly. The second day put more money in the account, and spend them all. Use old cheques and fill them with “a beautiful dress” or “comfortable shoes”, etc. Your imagination will enlarge, also your feeling of wealth. Prosperity and abundance will become normal feelings. Accordingly your real financial situation will become much better.  Play this game few times per week.

6. Meditation

law of attraction-meditation

You use it when you want to get rid of resistance, when you look for an easy way to raise your vibrations. It works on all the emotional feelings scale, from 1 to 22.

What you have to do? Find a place quite and pleasing, where no one can disturb. Empty your mind of all thoughts, and focus on small things like the cloak sound, or the sound of rain, or other soft thing. Breath and focus on your breathing, as a result the negative thoughts will go and positive ones will come. Maintain this status 10-15 minutes per day and you will feel more energy, and you will realize that you are aligned with your universal source.

This process will help you get rid of resistance, to think positive and to attract your desires more easy.

7. Dreams Evaluation

It is used when you want to understand why you have a repetitive dream and what it means; when you want to understand what is your powerful attraction point of vibration and where are you situated in the creation process even before it starts to manifest. It works on all the emotional feelings scale from 1 to 22.

What you have to do? Analyze your dream in small details: the place, the people the conversations, but most important the feelings that you sense.  If the feelings where positive, the action from the dream can become real, by eliminating your ego resistance, due to the beautiful feelings you experience in the dream. If the feelings are negative, it means you are not aligning with the source and you have to guide your thoughts toward something positive. Like this you will know to which kind of dream to pay attention and which dream to just live it pass.

8. Recording The Positive Aspects

We use it when positive emotions are filling our soul, as a response of our positive thoughts and our focusing on positive life. So, in such moments we want to keep this status as long as possible. It will work when our emotional feelings status is on the scale from 1 to 10.

What to do? Start to write in your favorite notebook, at the top of the page, the name of something or of someone that you like it/him,her the most. But before write on the cover of the notebook: “Recording The Positive Aspects”. After that try to answer to the following questions: What I like at you? Why I love you so much? What are your positive aspects? Note after all the good thoughts related to this subject. As much as you write more, you will realize that your point of attraction will increase. And you will be amazed of the amount of positive thinking you were able to write it down. And those positive thoughts will receive the universal response; as per the Law of Attraction: our thoughts become our reality.

9. The Scenario’s Elaboration


This works well when you are feeling good and creative. You want to experience the pleasure of identifying and pointing the things you desire and after that watching how the universe works to meet your desire. Your emotional feeling status should be on scale from 2 to 6.

What to do? Take the role of the scenarist. Imagine all the events that you wish to follow with all the personages and conversation. Start to write, in order to maximize the focusing. Write the full scenario that you wish to live it in the reality. Soon, your desires will become true because the law of attraction will respond your thoughts.

10. The Mission’s Checklist

You use it when you want to create your own reality with the help of the energy, when you want to create your reality without too many actions from your part, as you are overwhelmed with lots of things to do. It works when your emotional feeling status is on the scale from 2 to 11.

What to do? Take an A4 paper and trace a vertical line in the middle. In the left part write: missions that should be done today”. In the right part write: “Mission that I hope the Universe to make, complete and meet”. Write in the left part everything that you can do, and, while you are focusing in your missions, the universe will work and respond to your desires.

There are other 12 more modalities to improve your attraction point; that I’m going to write in another post, so, come back soon


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