Law Of Attraction: Myth Or Reality?

The Concept Of The Law Of Attraction

All things and subjects that our mind can’t comprehend directly and immediately are usually sent to the waiting list or we just get rid of them without paying too much attention.

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One of these subjects is the Law of Attraction. Most people nowadays have heard about it, but just few of us give to this issue the attention it needs. Why? Simply because things that are “strange” or out of the box, things that require efforts, brainstorming and much deeper comprehending, and make us feel “lost” or even weird, are subjects that we often ignore or reject.


In few simple words, the Law of Attraction is saying that we CAN ATTRACT and we CAN MANIFEST whatever we want from the Universe. We can attract and manifest health, wealth, happiness, love and well being, etc. How? By being able to align our frequencies and raise our vibrations at the universal level, by setting the power and energy of our mind, heart and soul FREE. We should not limit our imagination and our dreams to our actual, material reality. We have to think and dream BIG!

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Does The Law Of Attraction Really Work?

Speaking about the Law of Attraction, we have to recognize that it is an exciting subject. There are lots of theories, lots of studies and lots of practices available worldwide. Each and every time we read or hear about practices and techniques that result in success for someone, we become more interested and, secretly, somewhere inside ourselves, we feel we believe and we want to try, we want to attract and manifest what we need…

Some people will swear that the Law of Attraction works; others will say that they are not sure yet, some will say that it requires too much efforts and special capabilities and others will say that there are just FEW which really can benefit from it. What about us, the rest of the world?

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As for me, the concept stimulates my curiosity. I found somewhere inside me that I’m “attracted” a lot to the Law of Attraction theory. I’m going to study, learn much more about it and apply it to practice. I feel I WILL SUCCEED!

I’m going to keep you informed with everything I find new, so, if you are interested, please come back soon…


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“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill



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