Law Of Attraction: Subconscious Mind

The Law Of Attraction Power: Mind And Thoughts

What we should understand more deeply is that the environment we are seeing and our life experience which we passed through are the results of our thinking. Everything we are seeing around is the reflection of our inner thoughts. In other words we create what we think. And this is what The Law Of Attraction teaches us!

The Mind

The bridge with the external world, as per Charles Haanel, is the objective mind (as he called it). The brain is the one that controls this mind and gives us the permission to communicate directly with each and every part of our body through the nervous system. This system is responsible to send responses and commends to our organs, like eyes, heirs, noose, mouth, tang, etc.


The bridge with the internal world is the subconscious mind. Somewhere inside, we perceive sensations like happiness, emotion, fear, imagination, love, etc. And this subconscious mind is the connection with the universe, the source of everything, the universal mind, the divine power, radiant energy.

How The Law Of Attraction Works

Now we’ve made the difference between the objective mind and the subconscious mind. But also we have to comprehend how powerful the second one is. If we succeed to coordinate these two aspects of the mind we will be able to control both: our present and our future.

Energy- Vibration -ThoughtsIn order to succeed we have to understand the strong relation between our two existing worlds: the internal world which is the cause and the external one that is the effect.

The subconscious mind is a very subtle form of static energy from which it’s born the activity called thinking. This energy is vibrating and sends messages toward the universe.

Watch how The Law Of Attraction works!

These messages are exactly our thoughts. The universe will respond with the same kind of energy. The Law of Attraction, in simple words, is saying: what you send towards universe, the universe will send it back to you.

So, our thoughts are the cause and our external conditions are the effect, they are what the universe sent back to us. This means that we have to be very careful with our thoughts, in order to be able to control our life and everything it’s happening with us.

The Benefits Of The Law Of Attraction

If we understand and practically apply this law, we will be able to replace the ignorance with the wisdom, the disagreement with harmony, the tyranny with freedom and the poverty with abundance.

Law Of Attraction

When we will arrive to comprehend that the thought is a powerful energy that has an extraordinary magnetic attraction power, we will realize a lot of things in our life.

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