The Zigzag Way Quotes

The Zigzag Quotes and Paths

Zigzag quotes: “I see that the path of progress has never taken a straight
line, but has always been a zigzag course amid the conflicting forces of right
and wrong, truth and error, justice and injustice, cruelty and mercy.”

Zigzag Way Quotes

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The zigzag theory

We call it the zigzag theory. You want to find something that Zigs and something that Zags and blend them together to get a better combined performance. – Louis Navellier.

Yes, The way to our happiness is rarely straight path. We have to zig zag our path to make our dreams become real.

In fact, Preeti Shenoy said that “Life is what you make it.” and “Life is what you make of it. You can make it easy on yourself or you can make it hard. – Deep Roy quote.

Life Is What You Make It

So, wither we control our life or we make things upon its rules, we have the mission to achieve our goals and make our life full of joy and fulfillment.

Of Course whatever the way is it must be legit, either it’s a straight line or a zigzag path.

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