The Glory Of Being A Mother

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Enjoy sweet and nostalgic memories about motherhood. Scroll down for some related thoughts…


 Being A Mother

Motherhood is the most beautiful thing that a women can ever experience. It starts with the very first moment when she realize she is pregnant. That special moment when she feel that a tiny, new life is growing inside.

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There are no words to express the happiness, the curiosity, the hope, the wonder and all the other feelings which interfere with each other at that moment… The result is an amazing happiness and beautiful responsibility that grows slowly, as the new life grows inside.

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When the baby is born and his first scream fill up the hart of the mother, things become more complex, as feelings enter each and every cell, each and every nerve on mother’s body.

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A new, magic relationship is born. Maternity! An immense, unconditional love take place. Nothing was ever stronger!
The moment she carry the first time her baby, the first touch, the first kiss, the first words she says… are moments when history stops!

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She will always remember, she will always see these memories clear, as just have happened, regardless of exhaustion and pain she passed through.

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And the magic continues as the baby grows. The first words the baby says, the first lough he let her hear, the first teeth that appear, the first steps… All are unforgettable moments.

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The Wonder Of Motherhood

The wonder will go on and the baby will become a child, his personality will start to form and she will feel, at all times, that she has to give more. Not just love, not just education, not just efforts and stress. She has to combine all together and much more, because she wants, simply, her child to have a great, happy and prosperous life and get the highest level of ethics and morals.

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This is, in few words, the beauty, the fascination and the glory of being a mother.
I know that I’ve made you see, just before your eyes, all this moments of you, as they were happening. Sweet memories, great rewards!

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And you, the one which didn’t experienced the motherhood yet or can’t experience it (God’s willing), it’s OK, but just remember, at all times, to respect and appreciate your mother. SHE is priceless…


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